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The Week Ahead

Teresa Jennings and Mary Drake reprise their roles in Rian Flatley’s Seven Letters at the London Irish Centre on 25th, 26th & 27th August at 7.15.

25 August to 27 August

£12 (concs £10)

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Charmaine Wohlmann will be playing The Duchess of York and Mowbray in a production of Richard II at Flint Castle Wales, directed by RSC Director Malcolm McKay and Ron Destro USA.

Charmaine writes: “In September I will be playing a villainess in an 8 part drama horror series, a main role, and gigging with original music and jazz at top venues. Also shooting own short film and feature self-written in development.”

11 August to 18 August

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Simone Vause directs Don’t Blame the Bankers...$toopid by Serafina Salvador at the Canal Café Theatre.

The story of a young woman’s disastrous love affair with power and money.

Written in free verse and set on the trading floor of a bank, this unique blend of spoken word, sonnets and songs will speak to your heart in these troubled economic and political times.

11 August to 20 August


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Charlie Dupré’s Macblair, which premiered at the OSO last year, will play at the Edinburgh Fringe from 13th to 28th August.

1994. Returning from a successful parliamentary meeting, Macblair and Macbrown meet three weird hacks on a stairwell in the House of Commons. They prophesy that Macblair will become leader of the Labour Party, then Prime Minister, and eventually... King of the World. This is the story of Tony Blair as a Shakespearean tragicomedy.

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Edmund Dehn plays Peter in The Catastrophists by Jack Stanley. The run continues at the White Bear Theatre until 26th Aug (Tues to Sat + one further Sun matinee on 20th August)

Raf and Harry have well-paid jobs, a lovely semi in leafy Barnes and a brand new second residence in the heart of Wiltshire. In the neighbouring field, Claudia and Peter have a chewed up vegetable patch, a carbon-neutral yurt complex and an absolute conviction that the apocalypse is imminent.

£15 (concs £12)

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Lee Peck plays Edward Malone in The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle on a UK Tour with Illyria Theatre Company from 7th July to 3rd September.

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Paul Antony-Barber is filming the second series of the successful drama series Striking Out, about an Irish law firm, from July till mid October. He’s playing the leading role and head of the law firm, opposite Neil Morrissey and Amy Huberman.

Further Events in the Month Ahead

Leonora Fyfe will be performing in a filmed piece for The Starship Osiris for Democratic Republic of the Congo, which with be part of their Edinburgh Festival performance in August.

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Edmund Dehn will be playing Ernest Hemingway in Rolf Hochhuth’s Death of a Hunter at the Theater Auf’m Kahn in central Berlin. This will be the world premiere of a brand new translation by Peter Sutton and directed by Anthony Shrubsall. Preview (of a 15 minute excerpt) on 2nd Sept. World premiere on 21st Sept & performances on 22nd to 24th Sept & 28th to 30th Sept.

Tony Parkin plays Dr Rodrigo de Lopez in the Documentary with Narrative series Queen Elizabeth’s Secret Agents. Three episodes to be shown on BBC2.

September 2017

Mansel David is presenting his one-man play about A.E. Housman, Take Desire Away, at OPEN Ealing on Saturday 16th September at 8pm.

Tom Jensen’s short play Elevator Pitch, first read at AWL, will be performed among the Top 40 plays in the Short+Sweet festival, Manila, 15th September to 1st October 2017.

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Future Plans

North London Actors’ 2017/8 season begins with a reading of Brian Friel’s famous play Translations, directed by Kenneth Michaels. 19th September, Park Theatre, 7pm.

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Simone Vause is character coach and co-director of Lights of London’s production of Othello at the Moors Theatre, Crouch End. Gareth Pilkington plays Brabanzio.

25 September to 29 September

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North London Actors’ celebrates its tenth anniversary with a reading of BeaumarchaisThe Marriage of Figaro, directed by Monty Holender. 17th October, Park Theatre, 7pm.

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Lee Peck will be playing Abanazar in Aladdin at the Corn Hall Arts Centre, Diss, Norfolk.

16 December to 28 December

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Maurice Thorogood directs this year’s Chequer Mead (East Grinstead) Christmas pantomime, Beauty and the Beast.

16 December to 31 December

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John Caine’s play Reunion, which was played at the Tabard Theatre and Jerym Street Theatre, is being made into a film with Jane Merrow.


Bronwyn Baud is a qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique and has been for almost 20 years.

Sessions are normally £35. Bronwyn is offering a 20% discount to AWL Members for 5 sessions, thereafter 10%.

People use the Technique for a wide range of reasons, including preventing injury in music, drama and sport, enhancing business and presentation skills, developing ease and elegance in movement, and supporting pregnancy and childbirth.

To book a lesson or just to find out more about the Technique, call Bronwyn Baud on 07531 447 887 or email her via her AWL page.

07531 447 887

Viv Lake has done quite a bit of research into theatrical and family history and accumulated a lot of information which might prove useful to other AWL members who have been looking into family or theatrical history.

She has lists of information such as stage names and aliases, biogs, obituaries, where they are buried, census returns which mention performers, old theatrical companies and theatres, actor-managers, and photocopies or pdfs of very old playbills, as well as text from theatrical journals and newspapers, most of which are from the Georgian and Victorian eras, and earlier, in Great Britain and America.

If you’re interested in Viv doing just a basic search for free through her files, please speak to her at an AWL meeting, or email her via her AWL page.

Hedley England a director/editor, is offering his services to provide a professional Showreel for AWL members for a reasonable price.

The AWL deal is that actors only pay for the hire of the camera, the price obviously to be agreed upon, and Hedley would give his time free to direct and edit the showreel professionally. He can provide a DVD with a menu, and also work with existing footage.

Click for examples of his work.

Contact Hedley on 07984 616 711

Stephanie Connell is an award winning web designer who has been creating websites for the past seven years. Each website is handmade and specific to the client’s requirements and is therefore unique. She will guide you through the process and provide design and practical suggestions where necessary. She offers aftercare service which she feels is just as important as the creative process. A discount to AWL Members only.

AWL Members who have had their websites created recently: Carolyn Pertwee, David Hampshire, Julia Haythorn and Hedley England


Masterclass aims to offer young people between 17-30, exceptional creative opportunities and experiences with leaders of the theatre industry. A year-round programme of talks, workshops, special projects and career advice is intended to give people insight into all aspects of theatre from writing and directing to acting and producing. Masterclass strives to provide all the events for free, so that people of all abilities, status and background can be inspired by and learn from masters of the craft.

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