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AWL meets at 7.30 pm on alternate Mondays (with breaks at Christmas and in the summer months) in the 4th floor bar at The Polish Centre, 238 King Street, Hammersmith, London W6 0RF. (Please do not use this address for correspondence.)

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What's On?

Next Meetings: 2017

18 December
Competition: Theme: A secret place Playing Away by May King Wright Wardrobe by Fan Tassy The Issue by Julia Between the Sheets by Doris Grant The Artist by Sophie Carew A Secret Place by Andrew Simpson Words, Words, Words by Vicky Verser O Tempora O Mores by Cicero The writers’ true identities will be revealed at the end of the evening.


15 January
26 February
12 March
26 March
Showcase Closing date for competition submissions
9 April
23 April
Spring Competition

Admission Charges

Under 27s

Under 27s (identification required) pay a reduced admission charge of £2. No subscription charges.


Members pay an annual subscription of £10, plus an admission charge of £4.


Our meetings are open to everyone, subject to an admission charge of £6.

Meetings are held in the bar on the 4th floor of the Polish Centre.

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