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Photograph of Trevar Alan Chilver

Trevar Alan Chilver is an Australian-born playwright, actor, director and educator. Since completing his education in Theatre at the Australian National University, his work has included stage and film scripts and his plays have been produced as mainstage productions and for festivals such as Short+Sweet. He has been an avid supporter of the theatre community in Canberra during his 16 years there, and has written for theatre website Australian Stage and his own blog, Foyer Talk.

Trevar is a qualified teacher of drama and English and has worked across the education, community and business sectors. He has taught in schools, arts organisations and community organisations, and believes there is power in storytelling, both for the audience and for the artists, that can build strong communities.

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Abel C. Mann, Processed Offshore (2013)

Short Play in which a brilliant actor is sent for Offshore Processing after re-enacting the landing of the First Fleet. Produced as part of 2013 Canberra Short+Sweet Festival and 2014 Sydney Short+Sweet Festival.

A Dim Light (2012)

Short Play in which a group of actors who have never met the writer of their play find themselves on stage without a script. Produced as part of 2013 Canberra Short+Sweet Festival.

The Ballad of Hobart Jones (2011)

Play set in 1887 in which the President of the Royal Society of Balladeers, Oxford, is sent to Sydney to unite the balladeers of New South Wales.

The Commuter (2011)

Short Play in which a man is mistaken by a tourist for a young boy’s father, and the boy’s mother attacks him. Produced as part of 2012 Canberra Short+Sweet Festival, 2012 Brisbane Short+Sweet Festival and 2013 Sydney Short+Sweet Festival.

Take Their Life (2009)

Group-devised adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, in which the couple survive (nominated for Best Original Work in 2009 CAT Awards).

The Incident at Fugue Bay (2008)

Play in which an amnesic man mysteriously returns to a coastal town and is reunited with his former fiance.

No Island is a Man (2006)

Multimedia stage play in which a man’s suffering from depression goes unnoticed by family and friends. Produced by Canberra Dramatics in April 2007 at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre.

Defrag (2004)

Short play on the theme of relationship breakdown. Produced by New Creation Theatre, August 2004; and Canberra Dramatics September 2006 (won Best Original Script at the Canberra Festival of One Act Plays 2006)


When He Was Famous

by Seth Robinson, Canberra Dramatics, April 2010

Take Their Life

by Canberra Dramatics, Canberra Dramatics, November 2009

Clowns in Winter

by Joan McGillivray, Canberra Dramatics, May 2008

No Island is a Man

by Trevar Alan Chilver, Canberra Dramatics, April 2007


by Trevar Alan Chilver, New Creation Theatre, September 2006



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