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Writer, Producer

Photograph of Andrew Sharpe

A playwright for ten years, with long history in performing arts as a musician, actor, organiser, poet, pianist, artist manger, and a past life as a lawyer. Creative producer including of the Springboard Festival of the Arts for the Criterion Theatre, Coventry. Reviews theatre and music as Laura Thomas.

Non-AWL Credits


The Cost of You

Director Christine Ingall. Criterion Theatre, Coventry (2023: 4 performances)

Spiral Path

Director Kat Rogers. Maltings Arts Theatre. St Albans. (2022: 6 performances) White Bear Theatre. (2022: 6 performances)

Three Sharpe Shorts

Directors Kat Rogers and Sarah Ferdinand. Maltings Arts Theatre, St Albans. (2019: 4 performances)

My Name Is Cathy

Director Velenzia Spearpoint. Bread & Roses @ Chapel Playhouse (2019: 4 performances)

Goodnight Polly Jones

Director Lana MacIver. Theatre N16 (2016: 10 performances)

Songs from a Ledge

Director Lana MacIver. Co-writer Amy Kakoura. Old Joint Stock Theatre


Songs from a Ledge

Warwick University Arts Centre 2013. Lumen Church, Bloomsbury Festival 2013. Spread Eagle Croydon 2014. Wilderness Festival Charlbury 2014.

The Painted Smile

Theatre N16 2017

My Celebrity Friend

Hen & Chickens, Cockpit Theatre, Hackney Attic 2017

Meet me at the Nightingale

Merlin Theatre Frome, Cockpit Theatre, Pumphouse Theatre Watford, Stockwell Playhouse: highly commended Stockwell Playhouse one-act festival 2019


Private Preview: Kenilworth 2019

From The Ashes

Queens Theatre Hornchurch 2019

The Last Inn

Theatre Mix Birmingham 2019

The Last Walk of Shame

Watford Fringe, Blind Spot Theatre Coventry 2019, Cockpit Theatre 2022

Nothing Is Wasted

Blind Spot Theatre Coventry 2019


Pump House Theatre Watford (online R&D) 2020


Queens Theatre Hornchurch 2022

Spiral Path

Cockpit Theatre online 2021

The Closing

Criterion Theatre Coventry 2023

The House at the End of Empire

Pump house Theatre, Watford Fringe, Bossanyi Studio London 2023


Cockpit Theatre 2023


Springboard Festival

Criterion Theatre Coventry 2023

Thought Monster

Hope Theatre 2023


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