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Just for You

by Rosalind Adler

Read by AWL on 7 January 2008

A dark comedy about omelettes, princesses and rape. This is the story of FRAN and her father MAURICE - but whose story? Hers or His? It’s a two-hander, demanding that the male actor range in age from 10 to 84 as he plays MAURICE. He must also become several other people along the way......... We see FRAN age from 14 - 47. The actress has to play several other parts as well. Just for You was written in 2001 when it was showcased at the Actors Centre, Covent Garden by Tim Pigott Smith and Stephanie Jacob. It was revised in 2007.

The Prince
Mr Norton-Harries
Rosalind Adler
Rosalind Adler
Rosalind Adler
The Princess
Rosalind Adler
Kirsty Bennett
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