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by Albert Njindou

Read by AWL on 26 April 2010

Imagine you are facing a test, the results of which will change your life forever. What if you didn’t even know you were being tested? Sumeeta, a talented but disillusioned genetic counsellor and Alex, a brilliant and cocky doctor, work together in a NHS specialist genetics service. Their boss, Professor Mcquarry, is unexpectedly called away, leaving Alex and Sumeeta to cover his patients. This re-ignites tensions between them. They support two couples going through genetic testing for Huntingtons disease, a condition which, if inherited, is a death sentence.

Dr Alex Taylor
Robert Blackwood
Sumeeta Lynch
Brenda Fernandes
Jason Greaves
Angela Jariwala
Angela Jariwala
Prof McQuarry
Brendan Gregory
Olivia Greaves
Eleanor Cox
Alan McCormack
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