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by Sue Whitmore

Read by AWL on 3 February 2003
Ruth Ellis
Kerry Wotton
Mrs Neilson
Judy Fowler
Muriel Neilson
Andre Claire
Peter Kenny
George Ellis
John Melainey
Dr T P Rees
David Blakely
Joshua Le Touzel
Desmond Cussen
Michael Murray
Gwen Knockolds
Carrie Cohen
Ant Findlater
Peter Kenny
Carole Findlater
Clive Gunnell
John Melainey
Mrs Winstanley
Judy Fowler
Maurie Conley
Peter Sutton
Jackie Dyer
Dr Charity Taylor
Carrie Cohen
John Bickford
Victor Mishcon
Peter Kenny
Judge Havers
Peter Sutton
Christmas Humphries
John Melainey
Melford Stevenson
Dr Whittaker
Albert Pierrepoint
Pierrepoints Assistant
John Melainey
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