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Aspiring director / actor

Photograph of Jennifer Fernandez Owsianka

British-Argentine theatre-maker and film-maker of Polish heritage. Jennifer is drawn to personal and emotional stories that wrestle with questions of our human nature.

Playing Age
20 - 30


Music & Dance
English (native), Spanish (native), French (fluent), German (B1)
Horse Riding

Non-AWL Credits



Independent short film by James Peaty (2023-4)

Monster Hunter

Audio play by Joe Dolan, for Incite Playwrights (2023)

Judging a Book by its Cover

Audio play by Carol Long, for Incite Playwrights (2023)

Art From The Heart

Showcase for Director’s Cut Theatre Company (2023): A Particular Day by Linda Morse; Churchyard by Lydia Cashman; Handcuffs by Catherine Allison; Therapist in Therapy by Susanna Wolff.

You Never Call

by Alex Ansell, in Write To Right, a rehearsed reading showcase for Director’s Cut Theatre Company (2023)

The Real Bianca Blue

Audio play by Kerry Holmes, for Incite Playwrights (2023)

Art from the Heart

Showcase for Director’s Cut Theatre Company (2023): Family by Niall Urquhart; I by Craig Barclay.

ROH Directing Observership

Andrei Serban’s Turandot, Royal Opera House (2023)

Poor Herbert Jones

Audio play by Joe Dolan, for Incite Playwrights (2022)

I Save The World

Writer & director of this audio play for Incite Playwrights (2022)

Perfect Day

Co-writer & co-director of this independent short film for Incite Playwrights (2021)

Commedia dell’Arte showcase

Assistant director & actor: showcase for Accademia dell’Arte (2021)

The 39 Steps

dramatised by Patrick Barlow, LSESU Drama Society production (2018)

Tiny Life
Kerry Holmes
Incite Playwrights
Marianne (split role)
Shani Erez
CSSD Diploma Showcase
The Auction (audio play)
Joe Dolan
Incite Playwrights
Commedia Dell’Arte Showcase
Il Capitano
Chiara D’Anna
Accademia dell’Arte
Lydia & Agent
Azaad Sadiq
LSESU Drama Society production, 6th Inter-University Drama Festival
To Fell a Tree
Nathan Ryan
independent short film


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