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Photograph of Juliette Brady Quenin

Juliette has trained as an actor/singer and director.

In March 2008, she took a leap of faith and moved from Paris to London.

Since in London, Juliette has worked as a Director, Assistant Director and Stage Manager for various fringe theatre productions.

As a playwright, she now has a body of work of seven full length plays

Non-AWL Credits



(2023) full length play


(2022) full length play, shortlisted by The Druid Theatre in Galway and shortlisted by London Playwrights Blog. The first act was also read at Baron’s Court Theatre, London, as part as their Sunday’s Fix event

A Day in the Life of Noa Fitzsimmons

(2021) full length play, shortlisted by Traverse Theatre in Glasgow and shortlisted by the BBC Writers’ Room

Little Wing

(2016) full length play, produced by Five Minutes Before the Miracle at the Jack Studio Theatre, London in 2020 (postponed because of the pandemic) Also staged for 4 nights at the Take Courage Theatre in Canada Water, London, a Bare Essentials production as part of their Christmas Special


(2015) full length play

430 King’s Road

An Urban Odyssey (2013) full length play, produced by Five Minutes Before the Miracle at Eat Me Drink Me in Hammersmith, London

Dear Wallis

(2011) full length play, produced by Exchange Theatre for the Giant Olive Theatre in Camden, London and by the Horse Trade Theatre in Manhattan, New York


Little Wing

(2020), Director and Producer, The Jack Studio Theatre, Brockley, London

430 King’s Road

An Urban Odyssey (2013), Director and Producer, Eat Me Drink Me, Hammersmith, London

Short pieces for Bastille Day

Battersea Park, London (2010), Assistant Director

Oran Rue des Juifs

(2007) Assistant Director, Theatre du Nord Ouest, Paris


No F--- Chicken

(2021) Director (written by Jessica Ann-Jenner) an Arts Council England project produced by Jack Studio Theatre

Irish Violet

(2005) in French, subtitled in English. Produced By EICAR

Just for Today

(2004) in English and French. Produced by EICAR

Dear Wallis
Giant Olive Theatre, Camden
50 Euros
Two roles
John Haggerty

The Flies

directed by David Furlong at the Camden Theatre, London in 2009

F--- Men

directed by Phil Wilmott at the Finborough Theatre London in 2008

Madame’s Late Mother

directed by Samuel Miller at the Rosemary Branch, London in 2008


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