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Data Protection 2018

Actors & Writers London (AWL) exists exclusively for the benefit of its members.

AWL does not record personal details of any non-member, with the exception of details that form part of AWL’s correspondence records.

AWL’s activities depend on the free circulation, among members, of other members’ email addresses and telephone numbers. Eligibility to participate fully in AWL activities is strictly limited to members who consent to this usage of their personal details.

The participation of any member who withholds such consent is confined to attending AWL meetings as a member of the audience and voting in AWL elections.

Persons wishing to join AWL are required to complete a new member form in which they must indicate whether or not they consent to the use of their personal details as specified above.

Members’ postal addresses are recorded in AWL’s database and routinely communicated to members of AWL’s management committee. Members’ postal addresses are disclosed to other members exclusively on a need-to-know basis.

AWL’s management committee does not disclose any personal details of any member to any party outside AWL without the member’s prior written consent to make such disclosure.

Upon expiry of any person’s membership of AWL, AWL retains the lapsed member’s personal contact details while inviting the lapsed member to renew her or his membership of AWL. If membership is not renewed within three months of expiry, the lapsed member’s personal contact details are deleted from AWL’s records.

No member’s personal contact details are posted on any public page of the AWL website unless the member specifically requests such posting in writing.

AWL reserves the right to post in the pages of its on-line archive the name of any person who has participated in AWL activities in the past, a description of that person’s participation and any photographs of that person taken by AWL in the course of such activities.

In the event that any person requests the deletion of any such archived information, the AWL management committee will have absolute discretion in the matter of whether or not to delete the information.

AWL’s usage of personal details of bank accounts and other financial accounts is strictly limited to the facilitation of legitimate transactions between AWL and the person concerned. Members’ personal financial information is not posted on any public page of the AWL website under any circumstances whatsoever.

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