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AWL meets at 7.30 pm on alternate Mondays (with breaks at Christmas and in the summer months) in the 4th floor bar at The Polish Centre, 238 King Street, Hammersmith, London W6 0RF. (Please do not use this address for correspondence.)

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A typical AWL meeting

What's On?

Next Meetings: 2024

17 June
Closing date for competition submissions Conquering Nessie by Liam O’Grady
15 July
Summer Competition

Open to AWL Members only.

Write a short play: five minutes minimum and TEN MINUTES MAXIMUM relating to the theme: “This must be the place”.

Plays should be for a minimum reading time of 5 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes. If you are not certain just how long your script will take, be advised that an average page (a mixture of longer and very short speeches) in 14pt Times New Roman font, lasts about 1 minute. It is also worthwhile taking a few minutes to time your entry by reading it as if in performance.

It is important that all writers are present when their plays are performed. Please do not submit a competition script unless you intend to be there. If you subsequently find that you will be unable to attend on Competition Night, please let the organiser know immediately, so that arrangements can be made to select an alternative entry.

Please preface your entry with notes on the characters, a brief summary of the content, and, for purposes of anonymity during selection, submit under a pseudonym rather than your own name.

As we usually receive more scripts than we can schedule on these occasions, entries will be reviewed by a selection panel. Bear in mind that it’s only a bit of fun. It is better not to enter at all if you can’t stand the thought of your play not being selected.

To avoid any confusion, please choose a name for your play that is not the same as the competition theme.

Give AT LEAST TWO copies of your script (more if there are numerous parts to read) to Wally Sewell at an AWL meeting. Wally will keep a register of entrants’ names but will not pass on this information. He will play no part in the selection process.

The same degree of anonymity will be preserved on the evening of the competition itself, when the selected scripts will be presented under pen names until the winners have been decided by vote.

2024/2025 Season

9 September
7 October
21 October
4 November
18 November
2 December
16 December

Admission Charges

Under 30s

Under 30s (identification required) go free at AWL: no subscription or entrance charges.


Members pay an annual subscription of £15, plus an admission charge of £5. WE DON'T HAVE A CARD READER AT OUR MEETINGS, SO PLEASE BRING CASH.


Our meetings are open to everyone, subject to an admission charge of £7. WE DON'T HAVE A CARD READER AT OUR MEETINGS, SO PLEASE BRING CASH.

Meetings are held in the bar on the 4th floor of the Polish Centre.

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