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Photograph of Richard Fitchett

Richard has been writing for the theatre for several years, has had success at festivals and competitions and has had his work produced in and outside of London, including  The PleasanceTheatre 503The Old Red LionThe Bread and RosesThe Chiswick Playhouse, and in Brighton, Chelmsford and Bedford.

His most successful play to date is Room Service, which had five-star reviews and received an Offie commendation. In the same year he had four-star reviews for The Great Escapers.

His most recently staged play was in December 2023. It was called Vinegar and Brown Paper – a Child’s Journey with Dickens and was based on a chance meeting between Charles Dickens and a 12-year-old Kate Wiggin, the much-loved American children’s author, on a train during Dickens’ last publicity tour of America - the twilight of one career and the dawn of another. It received four-star reviews and lead to an exchange of emails with Gerald Dickens (the great great grandson of Charles). It has been booked in for another run later in 2024 – subject to funding. A recent rehearsed reading of Albert Mooney, a comedy drama about the Irish diaspora, religion and abortion went down so well that Richard is looking to see how he can get it staged – sooner than later.

He has just completed a play about Randolph Turpin, the first black British boxer to win a world title. Randolph came from Leamington Spa. Richard was brought up in a nearby village and always wanted to write about Randolph.

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Competition (1st)

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Vinegar and Brown Paper

Old Red Lion 2023

Room Service (excerpt)

The Chapel Playhouse venue launch 2019

Room Service (excerpt)

The Bread and Roses Platform Evenings 2018

The Reunion

AB Drama at The Hen and Chickens 2018


A Covert Accomplice Production at The Marlborough, Brighton 2018

Swag (excerpt)

The Antelope, Tooting 2018 (Wandsworth Arts Festival)

Tooting Shorts

The Antelope, Tooting 2018 (Wandsworth Arts Festival)

Day of the Undead

Time to Talk about mental health at The Water Rats 2018

The Ticket Barrier

Stockwell Playhouse 5-Minute Festival 2017

Tattle Bank

Unbroken at Theatre503 2017

Daisy Bell

Mad Apple Collective at ACanteen Chelmsford 2017

The Prize

Stockwell Playhouse One Act Festival 2017


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